Regional Flights

Major Australian Airlines

In Australia, there are four main airlines that offer regional flights to major capital cities of the country. These airlines are owned by two main companies, that is Qantas and Virgin Australia. Qantas is considered the best option for a majority of Australian people as compared to the Virgin Australia. This makes Virgin Australia to be ranked on the second level. The one on the third position is called the Jetstar which is known as the discount carrier of Qantas and finally the Tiger which was also known as the discount carrier for the Asian.

Another famous airline in Australia is the Rex or the Regional Express Airlines which is ranked as the biggest regional airline. However, this one is not under the control of Qantas. This type of airline is known to be improving each and every time for the last 14 years now. They are currently capable of making flights to 58 destinations with their aircraft being 52 in number. The number of passengers that this aircraft hold ranges between 33 and 36.

Also, there are other small airports within Australia that are not always on service or have minimal usage. To start with, we have Melbourne that is ranked in the third position among the airports. This airport uses Tullamarine as its major hub and Avalon as the most affordable jest star. Another one is Essendon port that is located close to the CBD. Sometimes back, this airport acted as the major international airport for Melbourne.

There is the JetGo that connects the coast of NSW to Melbourne city. All destinations in this place are carried out by their aircraft which ranges between 3 and 9. In addition, they provide flights directly to Dubbo from Essendon in NSW   and also to Brisbane that is found in Queensland. They provide other flights within the country to places like Tamworth to Albury in NSW town and the Gold Coast, Rockhampton to Townsville in QLD. They are putting more efforts towards increasing the number of options to their esteemed regional travelers.

There is also the Free Spirit Airlines that has been currently introduced in the market. Their connection is between Essendon and Burnie via Tasmania together with Merimbula in NSW town. They have one aircraft with a carrying capacity of 19 passengers.

Finally, in this category, there is Sharp Airlines which has added Adelaide in their map route. This one connects the south east areas of Australia to other areas such as Flinders and King Island in Tasmania. The number of aircraft in service is nine and form a connection to major places like Port Augusta found in southern part of Australia, Launceston that is located in Tasmania and areas of Victoria like Portland and Warrnambool.

Airnorth plays a vital regional role in the regional with a carrying capacity of approximately 300, 000 passengers per year to 24 different destinations within Australia. They are the only one located in the Qantas always Flyer Program that is not included in the Qantas.

FlyTiwi also forms another airline that offers stiff competition to the Darwin airline. They operate in approximately 7 destinations within Australian region.

Thus, the above airlines make Australian regions to be easily accessed. However, many carriers are likely going to be bought by the strong competitor Qantas links like the case of airlines like Rex, Sunstate, and Cobham.